Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in DFW???

Early morning Thursday.

Evening on Thursday.

Where are my feet!

Here is what we have done for the past two days!
We broke a record on snow fall in DFW for one day. I have personally never seen this much snow. We got about 7 inches in our backyard! Since we NEVER get snow like this, we were totally unprepared. No boots and nothing that does not get soaked by just being outside for a few minutes rolling in it. So yesterday I must have changed the kids over 6 times. Every time, I would dry the clothes and re-use! Exhausting.

I have also been working a little on my blog. Here are my changes: I broke out the blogs I follow into categories. I've been wanting to do this since I saw My Boy's Teacher, from the blog What DID we do all day, do it on her blog. I also added a link to all of my downloads. Pleas let me know if the link does not work.


Adriana said...

We could not believe it! So much fun playing in the snow with the kids. We are going out tomorrow morning to play one more time before it melts.

legendswife said...

Wow. Snow in Texas? We live in Minnesota. Every year my husband moans, "we need to move to Texas". I have to show him this. There is no escape:)

Honey said...

I gave you the Happy 101 award...You are one of the 10 blogs that make me happy. :)