Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spanish Montessori Week 5 and 6

Week 5 was pretty identical to Week 4.
This week, week 6, in the

Primary Classroom:

I introduced a new song, "Las Hormigitas" by Jose-Luis Orozco. I LOVE this song. It is soooo cute. I had the students stand up in the circle they were in and had them put their hands by their sides bent like a little Ant. We had hand gestures for Up the Hill and Around the Paths. The song then says the Ants walk, stand on their tip toes, jump, do turns, skate and say good bye! So we did the gestures for all of these actions. The kids loved the little ants!! I like to sing the songs without the CD first so we can go at my own pace. I then play the CD if I have it but most times I just like us to do the songs without the CD's.

Here we are singing "Las Hormigitas"! Las Hormigitas estan dando vueltas. The ants are turning.

Lower and Upper Elementary:
The following activity I got from my Montessori Trainers Classroom.
The Calendar Work to promote asking questions and answering them in complete sentences.

"What day is today?" and then the answer "Today is......." I want one student to ask the question and another student to answer the question. I will add questions weekly like: What day was yesterday, what day is tomorrow, What is the weather today and the complete answers to these.... what is the date today.... etc... Later, I will add a small version of this work on laminated cards to put on the shelf and written work that goes with this calendar activity. The written work will include the question and the student will write out the answer.

This picture is from the classroom of my Elementary Montessori trainer from whom I got the idea. I will post the picture of my Elementary Classrooms Calendar Work next week.

We have also began playing Bingo with the Animals. "Los Animales".

Thank you to Homemade Montessori, I started using to upload files to. This is basically a storage space on the internet. They give a link to each file you upload. These are files I received at my summer training.

Here are the files for the Bingo game (Loteria) for Animals.
Loteria-Los Animales
Loteria-Loas Animales Calling Cards

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