Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Geography Training Part 2

First Knowledge of the Earth: Fourth Globe
This globe is used parallel to the study of landforms. There are many markings on this globe. Separate lessons for each part is given: Lessons on meridians, parallels and time zones.


This is a students project on lines of latitude and longitude. The children learn that these lines help us tell where things are on a map and in order for people to know more accurately where they are on the earth.

Continents Nomenclature

Extension Work

This is a cloth world map with labels of the continents and oceans. It also comes with a wooden block that has pictures of the continents to play different games.

These sentence labels were created by our trainer for her classroom to have the students work on complete sentences. She also has questions and answers like these for the oceans.

This picture shows the block and how you can also add the animals indigenous to the continents.

My next post will be on the Geography Cabinet.

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