Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spanish - Last Week Before Holiday Break

This was the last week for Spanish at the Montessori School I teach part-time. The children have two more weeks of school but they are getting ready for their December Play.

Primary Children
The primary children are learning a new song "Pin Pon". I found one version of the song on-line but this is not exactly how we sing it. But you get the idea of the song here. I have only taught the first part of this song. When I first introduce a new song, I give them a little story about the song and I translate. Later on, I will ask questions to see if they know what we are saying. Some children will ask what something means if they do not understand. In the future, I want to incorporate items to go with the song.
We also sang "Feliz Navidad"!

Lower Elementary
We worked on learning how to express some feelings like: Tengo Calor, Tengo Frio, Tengo hambre, etc.. We played charades to practice these.

Here is what I did.
1. I listed these expressions on a piece of paper and their meaning. Children are sitting on the rug in a circle. One piece of paper for every two students. These hand-outs are found at the bottom of this blog.

2. We went through the expressions twice so they would know how they are pronounced.

3. I had strips of paper of the same expressions for one student to pick and act out while everyone else guessed in Spanish.

4. I made sure to model first. I picked a piece of paper, got up and went to one side of the room, and acted out my expression.
The Children absolutely LOVED IT! The ones that don't usually want to participate were so excited!

5. We went around to everyone and started over on the expressions when we ran out. Everyone that wanted a turn, got a turn.

Here is the expressions handouts:
Handout 1
Handout 2

We also sang "Feliz Navidad" and began working on the weather. We added the weather cards to our Calendar Work.

Upper Elementary
The upper elementary students received their workbooks this week. "Viva el Espanol System A". I am using the scope and sequence for Viva el Espanol for Lower and Upper Elementary but only the Upper Elementary have a workbook. I assigned them their homework on Tuesday and it was all done on Thursday. They were so excited to receive a workbook!

We have also started working on a small script. They are writing a small script on going to the Doctor. Two students are group together, one is the Doctor and one the patient. They must write the script together using the new vocabulary we are learning plus what they have learned. Tengo.... Me duele.... Parts of the body..... and any new vocabulary they need to make their script work.

Once they are done, I will film them again using my little digital camera. They really love to see themselves on camera! These skits are about 2 minutes long.

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