Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is here, Fall is here

Fall is here, Fall is here
It's the best time of the year!!!

I LOVE the smell of fall and the colors!

I LOVE to decorate the house for fall and also change things up on the kids shelves.
Here is two fall works. I will post more tomorrow.


This seasons clothing sort work came from Montessori For Everyone's free dowloads.
I put a label on top of the seasons in English and wrote them in Spanish.

Leaf Rubbing

I picked a leaf and showed the kids leaf rubbing. They were so excited they went outside to gather all kinds of different leafs! We did this last year but I guess they had forgotten!


Adriana said...

Great ideas! I hadn't thought of the clothes matching game. We made a table cloth with leaf rubbings too. Lots of fun! Do you do all of your activities in Spanish?

Gigi said...

I saw your table cloth with leaf rubbings. It looks great!

Yes, all of the activities I do are in Spanish since the kids attend an all English Montessori School.

Adriana said...

My older son just started pre-K two days a week but we were lucky enough to find a Spanish Immersion preschool close to home. I still do all of learning activities with the boys in Spanish because it is our home language. I am happy to find your blog and see what you guys are doing in Spanish.

Gigi said...

Adriana, you are lucky. We have two Montessori Spanish Immersion schools but to far away from us. We have some Public Dual Language schools but they are not Montessori and I really like the Montessori method best so I figured that I would just work hard to teach them Spanish at home!

I have added your blog to my blog roll so I can keep up with your activities also!

Karen said...

Great idea, Gigi!! I love the one of the leaf!!!! I had the season matching of MFE, but for fall it's not what we sad!! jajaja. I love your work!! I hope you feel better!!

Montesecrets said...

I love your lessons! Very nice! I forgot what "fall" was like. I'm in Miami now (moved from Chicago), and there is no such thing as fall here! It's summer basically all year round! Anyways, keep up the great posting!