Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Continents

Here the kids are working on the continents. Sweet Boy can read the labels and I read the labels for Bella. This should have a control chart so Bella can do this on her own BUT I have not made one and I actually think it is beneficial for me to sit with her and tell her the names and get to have a conversation about the continents. Like "North America". She would say "Oh, yes, that is where we live!". "Bella, show me South America". "Who do you know from your class that is from South America?" "What continent are you studying in your class right now?". etc.....
I do plan to create a control chart for all of the maps. It is on my to do list!!

Also on my to do list for Geography:

- Felt Continent Map with miniature animals!! Like Leptirs. Hers is so great!

- Flag Pin Maps.
Check out this beautiful blog with lots of Montessori Homemade works. Wise Little Owls Homeschool. Here is Sarahs homemade Flags Pin Map. I am excited to have found this blog because she has elementary school age children and she has great Language Works!!

Well, since I have written it here on my blog, I better get to work on these works!!!

By the way, anyone out there make a cabinet for their maps? I would love to see pictures of homemade map cabinets. Thank you!


Evenspor said...

Your question about the geo board: When I first introduced it to him, I showed him how to put the rubberbands on to make shapes, then I let him play and explore it on his own for a while. I wanted to let him get used to using it and see what he could figure out on his own.

The letter was something we had seen on the computer, and he likes making letters out of different things, so he wanted to try it. He had to look at the picture several times to figure it out, but it was self-directed. Depending on the age of the child, I think one possibility would be to make letters youself when the child isn't around and take pictures, then print them up as cards for the child to look at.

Leptir said...

Thanks for linking :-)