Friday, May 14, 2010

Materials, Materials, Materials!

Here is a list of the materials I purchased recently. Majority are math and geometry since I already had the basic language materials. Most of these have arrived. There are a few items on back order that should arrive at the beginning of June.

Constructive Triangles - 3 boxes
Box of Blue Triangles
Geometric Solids
Stamp Game
9 Wooden Thousand Cubes
45 Wooden Hundred Squares
Bead Units
Introduction to Decimal Symbols Tray
Bead Decanomial
Sand Paper Numbers
Red Rods
Red and Blue Rods
Geometric Cabinet, Control Chart and Cards
Sound Boxes
Binomial Cube
Metal Fraction Circles with Stand
Small Wooden Cards
Multiplication Bead Board
Division Bead Board
Basic Wooden Grammar Symbols

I also purchased four shelves at Target (redecorate brand) that were on Sale for $14. Here is a picture of one put together. Deep materials like Hundred Board and Moveable Alphabet fit perfect.

I'm not sure if I had posted about this. But we had a Montessori School here that closed and I purchased from them all of the Botany and Zoology printed materials for Primary and Elementary. (Example: all of the Parts-of with definitions and stories). I paid $40. Awesome price! I did not purchase any of their wooden materials because they were Nienhuis so they were VERY expensive even at 30% of their current price and 15 years old.

I have printed lots of materials we will be using but still need to cut and maybe laminate. I am considering NOT laminating. I never laminated my Spanish materials and they have survived just fine. We'll see! I am very short on time these days!!
Here what I have printed: Blue Language Series, Green Language Series, Tens Board, Bead Stair Worksheets, Addition Work, Geometric Solid Matching, Vowel Tree Blue, Blue Triangles Command Cards. These have either come from Montessori For Everyone OR


Karen said...

Sooooo exciting!!!! I notice some of the boxes are still close???? Abrelas!!!!!!lol It's look awesome Gigi!!!! now you can start to work with the new classroom!!! so cool!!! And the printed material!!! for $40!!! that's so great!!! Me encantaria ir a ayudarte!!!lol

Big hugs,

Leptir said...

Wow Gigi! I believe you are very happy!! Great job :-)

Aly in Va said...

Oh, how much fun. I love package day. Enjoy shelving all the new activities.

2 Pequeños Traviesos said...

Gigi: I'd love a closer look at the Zoology and Botany printed material. I'm looking for ideas on how to file all the printed material and can't come up with something that will work out.
NO rush! You email me some pictures, if/when you can, to
or my personal address you already have. Hugs

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