Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mural in Baby's Room is Done!

The beautiful mural is done! This was created by one of my husbands high school seniors. Thank you Jordan, our sweet boy is going to really enjoy it!

Here is the beautiful tree!

Cuddly cub looking at tree close to the floor for the baby to enjoy!

These birds are next to where the rocking chair will be so he can enjoy them while on my shoulder!

I will post more pictures of the room as I finish getting it ready. The baby has taken a few naps in his new room already but not for the night yet! He is sleeping SO WELL. He is getting up one time in the middle of the night. I am loving life again!!


Evenspor said...

That tree is so beautiful! I don't suppose you could show a closer up shot of the bark? The texture looks really interesting.

Gigi said...

I'll take a picture this week. I know that it was a three step process to paint the bark.

2 Pequeños Traviesos said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I've always loved murals like these. The room looks adorable.