Saturday, November 27, 2010

School Week 8 and 9

September 27th - October 8th


Bella writing after we did a reading lesson.

Puzzle of animals and their homes after a Noun Lesson for Sweet Boy.

A visit to the Arboretum

We went to the Arboretum with a Part-time school's field trip.  We have several friends in this group and they invited us to this field trip.  Sweet Boy got to learn about the early Texas Pioneers in this 2 acre exhibit.

Babies first swing ride!

Pin Punching

Metal Insets

Writing with the movable alphabet.  I currently work with Bella to help her figure out the middle sound.  She does not have a problem with the beginning or ending sounds.

Transfer work.  She is transferring pom-poms with tweezers.
In Geometry we have been working through the Geometric drawers.  For the Polygons the kids created a Polygon book.  They cut the shapes out and labeled.  I helped them with this project.

We have been practicing skip counting every day.  We are currently working on counting by 2's, 3's and 5's.  Bella will skip count up to 10 and Sweet Boy up to 100. 

Bella practicing her numbers.  What I do with Bella is to ask her to practice one number a day, any way she wants to.  I give her ideas like painting, sandpaper letters with sand or sand paper letters and then writing on blackboard, number worksheet, etc...  There are days that she does not want to and then there are days that she will work on 5 numbers!  It all evens out.

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aly in va said...

a good mix of activities. The children looked like they were enjoying themselves.