Monday, March 26, 2012

Excuses, Excuses!

So here is why I have NOT been posting.  About 9 months ago my work computers started to die.  First it was my PC and a few months later the Mac.  After the Mac died I was left sharing my husbands personal laptop with him.  I only used it for work because he also needed it for work so I could not say “sorry honey, you can’t work I need to post to my blog!”.   About a month ago our house was broken into and his personal laptop stolen. :( Now we were down to zero computers.   Meanwhile, the College tried their best to repair my computers.  After not being able to repair them,  I finally requested a new one.  The process of ordering is not a fast one, specially at a public college.  Two months after my request, I got my computer!  Yay!  One of my husbands ex-students has loaned my husband an extra laptop he had so we have two computers at home once again!
I have lots and lots of blog post ideas written down and many pictures I have been taking.   I now have a computer so now I just need to sit and write!


María said...

Pues bienvenida!
María, la casi sueca

Karen said...

OMG!!! Soooo excited!!! Welcome back!! I reallllly misssed youuuuu!!!!