Friday, August 1, 2008

I love symbols!

My training had the first part of Language in June, which I will attend at a later date, and this past week was the second part of Language. The part I missed had the lessons for Grammar and Sentence Analysis. I did get to see some of this because for the past two days we have all been presenting lessons.

I am showing you this picture because I loved this teachers storage for her grammar symbols. She got the big clear box from The Container Store. Inside this box are small boxes also from The Container Store. There is one clear, red, green and yellow small boxes no lids.

Another thing I also liked was how someone else in the class made all of her grammar symbols and sentence analysis symbols from foam sheets. They looked wonderful.

Two discoveries from this weeks training. One, I LOVE analyzing sentences! I recalled, with love, my high school years of analysis sentences. Two, the wooden grammar symbols brought back memories of playing backgammon. It was actually very cool. I just had this great feeling when I touched the round wooden circles. It brought back childhood.


N said...

That's a great idea, foam grammar symbols. Thanks :)

Gigi said...

Thank you for leaving a comment! I just visited your blog and loved it. It is under my favorites now!