Thursday, August 28, 2008

Volunteering at my Sons school

Today I spent 3 hours at my sons school. This is the first day I volunteer while school is in session. I loved to see what he does all day! It has been exactly one week since he started school and already he told me what a Noun was!! He was playing with the farm and he opened the box of grammar symbols. I told him to please close the box because he had not received a lesson on that yet...What did I know!!... he said "No mommy, I did get a lesson", pulled out the black triangle and said, "this is a Noun", put the triangle next to the horse and said "horse is a Noun" He worked on transferring water, sorting, and the farm. I got to read a book to him and one of his classmates and his teacher asked me to give the kids a Spanish Lesson! At 11am it was lunch and play time. The kids go outside and play, then go in the lunch room to eat and back outside to play until 12 noon. I left at 11:45 because I know he does not like rest time and would ask me to take him home with me.....

I am so happy with his new school. His teacher is WONDERFUL. When I got there she was reviewing what it means to be respectful. How do we respect each other, the teacher, and the materials. She is so gentle. I started to see this gentleness come through my son yesterday when I picked him up from school. He talked very sweet, kindly, and respectfully to his sister.

I will be volunteering again tomorrow as I will be the parent that puts together the Friday folders. I am going to try to remember to take a picture of his classroom.

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Grillos y Canarios said...

I remember those days volunteering at my older children's M schools. It was fun to see all the beautiful materials and to see my children so engaged in the activities.