Sunday, January 4, 2009

Organizing our home in 2009

Since we returned from our trip, my husband and I have been decluttering and organizing our home. We do this often since my husband loves an organized house and I've become to love it! My poor husband, the super organized and clean person, married the total opposite. With lots of patience he has converted me and now I sometimes go overboard :-).

I purchased a label maker this past month and have been labeling and organizing everything!!! I love my label maker. I can't believe I have never owned one! I have to admit, having an organized home make life so much easier and saves lots of time.

We went through all bathroom closets/drawers/cabinets, all bedroom closets, kids rooms, we moved my son to my daughters room and made my sons room a play room and re-organized my office/craft room.

Here is a picture of things we donated. I forgot to take a picture of what came out of our master closet and things we took to grandma's. A few more bags and boxes. We do have a system where we have one ongoing bag in all closets to put things through the year that we want to donate (clothing/items we no longer want or fit). Any time I put something on the kids that no longer fits, it goes straight into the bag. This keeps their closets and drawers clutter free.

Here is the kids in one room. The kids love this arrangement. They are sleeping much better. My son was very unhappy in his room because it was noisy since it was close to the street. All of the different noises scared him. This room has absolutely no toys. Just a few books. It feels very peaceful and quite since it is at the back of the house. He told me that I could sell his room :-)!!!

Here is the play room. We went through the toys once. I feel that we need to go through them one more time. When we go through the toys we make three boxes (trash, donate, grandma). Trash are things that are broken or have missing pieces and cannot be fixed. Donate are items the kids have outgrown. Grandma are items that the kids have lost interest in but I know they will play with again if in a different home!! My kids have a room just for them at their Grandmas, my mom, who lives very close to us. I have already changed the play room and it has only been a few days. I'll write more about that later.

Here is a picture of how I organized all of our gift wrapping supplies. The supplies are kept in an armoire in the office.

I love my label maker!! As you can see, I divided all gift wrapping supplies into boxes so I can easily pull out what I need for the gift giving occasion. I have one box for Christmas ribbon and labels. One box for Christmas Bags and Boxes. One box for all other ribbon. One box for kids birthday bags and one box for adults birthday bags. One box for tissue paper and one box for medium and small boxes. The large boxes and large bags are not in boxes.

We had organized and decluttered our kitchen before Christmas so that was one less room to do!

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