Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spanish has started again!

This past week we began Spanish again at the Montessori School! It is great to be back and the kids did not forget a thing!!

Primary and Elementary:
I brought in a new CD "Sold on Spanish". We began with a new good morning song from this CD, talked about the calendar and learned a Days of the Week Song. Here is a website with the Days of Week song to the Adams Family Tune. The only thing is that I start with Monday instead of Sunday. We then sang the song about the Colors from the "Sold on Spanish" CD. With the primary class we went around the circle and said what color our shoes were, practiced some of our old songs and learned a new good bye song.

In the Elementary and Upper Elementary Classroom we played charades with the Tengo Expressions and I brought a new charades, "Estoy" - "I am". Here is the worksheet that each student gets (Estoy Worksheet) and then I cut this worksheet into strips for the children to pick from and act out.

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