Friday, April 10, 2009

Geometry Training: Nomenclature Introduction

The last part of my Geometry Training for ages 6-9 was the Classified Nomenclature.
The nomenclature is divided into eight series. Each series consists of the following material.

A. Three-part cards - labels to match the pictures and definitions corresponding to the pictures.
B. Wall Chart
C. Booklet - Picture and labe on the left, label and definition on the right.

If you purchase the material from Montessori R&D it is color coded. The colors are arbitrary except for the first series, which is a gold color because the golden bead material is used to introduce the child to the basic concepts in this series. You can use folders to match the color of the material to help organization. It is a lot of Nomenclature.

Gold Series: Basic ideas of point, line, plane, and solid. These are the basic elements of plane and solid geometry.
Light Green Series - Study of lines
Yellow Series - Study of Angles
Pink Series - Study of plane figures
Gray Series - Study of the first polygon - the triangle
Light Beige Series - Study of quadrilaterals
Red Series - Study of regular polygons
Green Series - Study of the circle

For the exception of the Gold Series, material needed for all of these is the Geometry Stick Box. My next post is on this Stick Box Material.

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thesecretofchildhood said...

Your overviews of the elementary materials are so helpful. They bring the knowledge I have to the surface and make me conscious of areas that need focus. Thank you.