Friday, April 17, 2009

Spanish for the past three weeks

The Primary classes (ages 3-6) met for two weeks while elementary was testing. We worked on learning how to say Happy Easter "Feliz Dia de Pascuas", Easter Bunny - "El Conejo de Pascuas" and Easter Eggs - "Huevos de Pascuas". I printed Pictures of these on cardstock and everyone got to pass them around while we sang about each and we discussed their color and how many eggs there were. I am working a lot more with the Primary now on asking questions and seeing if they understand the question and then asking them to answer me in Spanish. I do not require complete sentences. I am just happy if I ask "What color is the bunny-De que color es el conejo" and they say "Rosa-Pink"!! I am happy even if they say Pink (in English) because I know they understood the question. If I get the answer in English, I will say that it is correct and see if anyone can tell me how to say it in Spanish.

Las Ruedas del Camión
In the Prmary class they also learned "The Wheels on the Bus" "Las Ruedas del Camión". There are so many different Spanish versions of this song but I like using the word "Camion" for bus and Cuidad for Town.
Here is a link to the words to the song. I also add the windows - las ventanas se suben y se bajan. Mrs. Shivers Class.

In the Lower and Upper Elementary we started playing another memory game like this one but I am using numbers between 10 and 100 and 100-500. I have the fruits and vegetables as the vocabulary we are reviewing while learning these numbers. The children have a work on the shelf to match the number to the number word. For Example: 10 diez.


Tati said...

That is great that the students are starting to understand Spanish. Thanks for the link to the fun song and lyrics.

Beth said...

oh, thanks for the link to the lyrics! i loved this song as a kid and it will be great to sing in spanish as well!