Monday, April 13, 2009

What we've been up to lately at home & We got a table!

Here is what we have been working on at home lately.

Practical Life all of the time. They love to open the boiled eggs and cut their fruit.

Notice the table. I looked for a wood table for the kids for months and finally found what I wanted! This is the table on the store. It is called Avalon Natural Table. What I like about it is 1) very sturdy 2) table is 22 or 23 inches tall. Tall enough for my son and 3) the seats of the chairs are wide. I went to and found an independent seller in my area and bought it new in box for more than 50% less than I would have purchased it from the store. $100 and no shipping and no tax. I purchased many many things from craigslist. It is great. If you don't feel comfortable going to someones home you can always meet them which I have done several times. I have purchased bikes, play kitchen, rugs, toys, scrapbooking suppies and more.

Painting. Notice the "Mud" I told you my daughter paints!!! She does paint some nice pictures onces in a while! Sweet boy did paint the planets the other day which I was impressed since he usually just moves paint around!

The symphony with my sons school.

The baseball game with friends from my husbands work.

The Arboretum with friends.

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