Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That is not how my teacher does it!

I have presented the geometric solids (video presentation), red rods and constructive triangles to my children. They have had these presentations at their schools already but I wanted to present them also since I purchased the materials and they will be on our shelves. The funny thing is that as I present they tell me how their teacher did it and they teach me a thing or two!!

The only problem is when they say “No, that is not how you do it. My teacher does it this way!”. This can get frustrating when I have something new to show them. For example: I showed the kids a game with the geometric solids where they close their eyes and name the solids by just feeling them. Well, at first my son said “no, we don’t do that at school. We can’t do that”. So, I had to tell him that I had seen this game in Bella’s classroom and basically gently convince him that it was OK. This is going to happen a lot so I better get used to it…

Bella doing the red rods. She stopped after the fourth rod.

Hmm, how is this go again?

When I presented the red rods to Bella she asked her brother to help her do the maze. Sweet boy had forgotten so I quickly googled it on my iPhone, showed them a picture and they figured it out!

The three of us walked the maze! I really love how this works on balance. Bella has a difficult time doing it since she is so hyper. She has to slow down which is difficult for her but she loved it and tried it many times.

We have been on vacation but we will get back to work when we return!

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Mada said...

Hola Gigi, te felicito por las actividades que has trabajado con tus hijos, estimulan su razonamiento y concentración mientras aprenden. Quiero aprovechar para agradecerte sobre los links que me has sugerido, los voy a revisar detenidamente.

Muchas gracias