Saturday, June 12, 2010

What we have been up to!

Arts and Craft

From Michael's.

Sweet boy has been doing addition work on his own. He says "I am going to do plusses"! He has been writing math facts and adding on a play cash register we have. Bella tries to do everything her brother does so she takes his work and traces over the numbers!


Bella is always asking for "Homework Mommy!"

Beginning sounds, r, p, s, i.

Beginning sounds c, m, a, t
Some of these small items came from the kids lego, barbie, and playmobil items. They do not like me taking their little toys. When Bella took out the little items she said
"NO, my barbie toys. You can't use these!!"

Physical Education!

Pump it Up
Open jumping days.

Our next door neighbor lets us use their pool while they work!
Great neighbors!!


Looking for bugs in the backyard. Add binoculars and it is a huge hit!
Here the kids have little bug nets and containers to put their bugs in.

Making fossils with plastic bugs and play dough.

Sweet Boy asked how does a spider make a web. I went online and found this video that answered his question! Lately he has been asking LOTS of what and how questions so I am on the Internet ALL of the time looking for answers!

This work from last year has been popular.

I purchased sea animals at Target last year and found real pictures of the sea animals on-line and had them printed at Walgreens. Bella names them and matches them. I have labels for Sweet Boy to read and add to the work.

So much fun!


Adriana said...

Wow! You have been busy! I totally understand about the internet research. Diego has been asking me so many hard questions lately. :) It looks like you guys have jumped straight into school. Are you planning to school year-round?
Oh, and I am SO jealous of the pool access! The heat has been just horrible lately.

Karen said...

Fun Fun Fun week!!!! Love all your activities and the look so busy!!! Yeah!! for the "homework"!!!

big hugs my dear friend!!

Aly in Va said...

Can I have your neighbors?
I must have missed those sea creatures at Target, may take another look around next time.

Gigi said...

Adriana, we have always done light schooling in the summer. A prepared environment and following what the kids are into. But I decided to go ahead and start with other areas of the curriculum. Bella is ready to start reading so I don't want to stop and sweet boy is really into math and I want to continue working on his reading skills.

Gigi said...

Karen, so, so busy. Specially with baby!

Aly in Va - Regarding the sea creatures. I found them last year in the pool toy area at Target.

Gaby said...

Looks like you're very busy but the kids are having fun. I hope the new baby is doing well too!