Sunday, July 20, 2008

My kids favorites

The following activities are some of my kids favorites. Remember I have a 2 and 4 year old.
This activity requires felt. You cut out different shapes from felt and the kids can make art with felt. I saw this a few weeks back on another blog but I cannot remember where. Both of the children LOVE these felt shapes. I got different felt squares from Michael's Craft Store 5 for $1.

This activity contains round beads and star beads and pipe cleaners. I placed all of the beads in one container and next to it I have an empty container and then two pipe cleaners. My children will usually want to work on the same thing at the same time so that is why I have two pipe cleaners. In this activty all they do is string the beads. What I love about this activity is that the beads do not fall off which makes it much easier for my 2 year old. The kids will make bracelets with these. Notice in the picture that I have the stars and round beads separated. I took a picture of this because my 2 year old decided she wanted to separate them after working with the beads for a week. My 4 year old will go as far as sorting by color and shapes. So, this activity has lots of possibilities.

The last activity is something we do while the kids swim in the kiddie pool. We test to see what sinks or floats. My son (4) actually started this and I helped find objects to see if they would sink or float. For example: I get a stick and ask my 4 year old if he thinks it will sink or float. Other objects we have tested: his goggles, different balls, rocks, leaves, etc. Later we chart on a piece of paper what we found that sinks and floats.

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