Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Week 4

I thought I had posted this a few days back but it dissapeared....
Here it is again.

A few pictures of Week 4
We read about ants and put sugar and food out for them to see how they carried it.

Bug Microscope.  He was looking up ant information.  We also read a book on bugs and were discussing number of legs for different bugs so the kids pulled out the microscope to find out more information.
Bella worked on sequence work.
Here Bella is working on matching the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters.  I got this work from Montessori For Learning.

On one particular cool morning I took a walk around the neighborhood with the baby and the kids rode their bikes.  The kids then spent over an hour just testing out to see what would happen to different things they put on the wheel as it turned.  Sticks, grass, rocks, dirt, etc...
Sink and Float.  I presented this work and then put it on the shelf.  The kids pulled out the work about 3 times this week.

More grinding work.  It never gets old!
Each petal has a color name.  The child reads the name or you read it for them and they paint the petal that color.

Here is the flower pot.   Aqui esta el tiesto.  They can paint this any way they wish.  Then you make the stem and attach to the leaves.

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Karen said...

Week 4!!! yeeaaa!!!, como pasa el tiempo, y mira que rico!!!! Cuantas cosas bellas haces en tu escuelita!!! verdad que valio la pena????? Felicidades, me encantan todos tus trabajos, (para variar!!LOL), me encanto sweet boy, muy concentrado trabajando!! he's an angel!!, la moledora de cafe!!! love it!!

Big hugs!!