Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Traveling - Will return in 10 days!

We have been traveling for the past week and are leaving again on a trip to Puerto Rico in a day! We got home from Brownsville and South Padre Island, Texas on Monday and leave Thursday to Puerto Rico. We washed all of our clothes before we left South Padre so everything has stayed in the suit cases for the next trip!!!

As some of you know my husband is from Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is at the South tip of Texas. There is a stop light to turn to his Mom's house. If you pass the stop light you are at the border of Mexico, Matamoros, Mexico. I am from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an Island next to Cuba. It is US territory. So these trips are to visit family. In Puerto Rico we will be spendng it with my father and one of my uncles and showing the kids the sights! I can't tell you how excited I am to be going home. I miss Puerto Rico so much and wish we could all live there. It has been four years since the last trip I made out there. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tomorrow night, which is not a bad thing since we have to get up at 3:30am since the flight is at 6am. Crazy hours but we save money traveling and we get there early. My Dad lives in the mountains and I don't like to take all of those curves at night.

Spanish for the kids in Brownsville did not go as well I thought it might go. Both their Grandma and Gradma's Sister (they live together) do not speak English. We stayed with them and half the time the kids did not know what they were talking about. (I guess 50% is better than 0%!...just trying to make myself feel better!) Bella would cover her ears when all of us spoke Spanish. I wonder what it will be like in Puerto Rico when EVERYONE will be speaking Spanish: fast, loud and many conversations at once :-) It should be interesting!!!


Maria said...

Lucky children that get the chance to practice. My 2 half swedish guatemalan did not often get that possibility. The result one fluently speaking (the 1. one) as I translated everything from TV programs to books and the second half fluently as I did not put the same effort as with the first one.
YOU DO A LOT!!!, be happy!!!! and remember its up to the child to decide whether they try or not. You are JUST giving opportunities.

Kind regards,

María, la casi sueca

Karen said...

Bienvenida!!!! que bueno que estás de regreso en tu tierra!!! y que tus hijos y tu esposo estarán compartiendo contigo aqui. Que la pasen ESPECTACULAR y Que el Senor les bendiga. Si pasas por Arecibo, me avisas!! jajaja. Gracias por tan buenos consejos y por postear todos esos trabajos preciosos que haces. Por las buenas y excelentes ideas!!! GRACIAS POR COMPARTIRLAS. Soy una nueva mamá montessoriana y estoy comenzando y que bueno que las encontré aqui en el blog.