Friday, January 28, 2011

Resource for Teaching Children with Down Syndrome

My life has changed a lot since we learned Andres was born with Down Syndrome.  Before Andres was born I thought I had it all figured out.  I had done so much research about early childhood education and Montessori that I felt I was ready to teach him.  

Now I have lots and lots more to read about and learn about.  Montessori is great for Andres but there is a lot I need to be aware of.  


"For example, if the child does not begin to point or hold up objects at the typical age, this may result in parents naming objects for the child less often, so delaying vocabulary learning. If the child does not begin to try saying words at the typical age, it may not be as easy to keep up the same level of talk to the child as it would be to the child who is talking and is demanding a response. If the child's words are unintelligible, the adult may need to ask the child to repeat the words, to be sure they understand what the child is trying to say, before they can respond. This disrupts the normal flow of conversation and the adult's ability to respond to the child's message by expanding or replying in a natural way.

All these examples indicate that when a child has even one area of delay or difficulty in her/his speech and language skills, this will almost certainly reduce the quality and quantity of natural talk to and with the child, in comparison with a typically developing child. Yet the child with difficulties needs more good quality language experience and learning opportunities than the typical child in order to make progress."  Source:

As I read and research I will share what I learn.   I want to do everything I possible can to help Andres develop to his full potential.  



N from the Learning Ark said...

Dear Gigi,
I just wanted to let you know that at the moment I am working with a baby who has DS and I have had to look carefully at my Montessori training to see how he can get the most benefit from it. If you want you want you can email me and we can discuss what I have learnt further.
Take Care!

The Education Of Ours said...

I don't have much to contribute here, but I have to say- YOU are amazing. What a great mom.

Maria said...

Me pareces una madre y maestra fabulosa!
Nunca he tenido en mi clase ningun niño con DS, pero he visto un nino que con ayuda de "sign language" como apoyo a aprendido no solo a hablar, si no muchisimo más.

Saludos desde Suecia


Anonymous said...

Gigi, I took a class in Philadelphia with Glenn Doman called How to Multiply your baby´s Intelligence. He does a class for the parents of brain injured children, and I talked to parents there who had travelled all the way from singapore for the class. In my child the program worked great and the program for brain injured children is almost the same. If you want more information, mail me.
Andrea H.

Gigi said...

Andrea H - your contact information did not come through. Please post again or e-mail me please!

Maria, si yo he leído mucho como el sign language les ayuda aprender más vocabulario hasta que empiensen hablar. Gracias por commentar!

Anonymous said...

Gigi, my mail is: