Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Organizing and Blogs

I love to organize. Believe it or not my husband turned me on to organization. He is so good at it. It comes natural to him. I have to get ideas from others and work at staying organized. I love to see how others organize and love bloggers who post about how they organize their home and school/craft materials.

Yesterday I found the blog The Tie That Binds Us and had to write about it because she has several good posts on organization. She also has beautiful ideas like the nature pack and the pressed flower and leaf notebook.

Jen from Wildflowers and Marbles has written some great posts on organizing her school room and materials.

Another blog you will find some neat ideas is lovelydesign. I read about this Mom in the January 2010 Better Homes and Gardens. Here is a post I really liked on organizing the kids dishes!

So, I am writing this today to share these blogs with you and to see if you know of any other blogs with good organization posts. Please post a comment and let me know. I am also always looking for good ways to store and display the kids toys. This is a challenge for me. For example: how do you store Legos? How about all of the little accessories that go with baby dolls and Barbies?

I hope to get some great ideas! Happy Organizing!


Annicles said...

I am a mean mummy and my kids don't have many toys. The youngest has a shelf set with three boxes on each shelf, and 3 shelves (so 9 boxes) and that's her lot. Each box has the whole set of whatever goes together - barbies, plus all the little plastic bits, a box for sylvanians and their bits, a box for a doll and her clothes, a box of dolls clothes, a box for play food and another for doctors stuff and so on. if she wants more stuff it has to fit or something has to go!

Gigi said...

You are not a mean mummy at all! My husband keeps trying to get me to let go of toys :-) Does the baby doll really need 5 bottles! (NO!) I finally had it and have been cleaning out!

MoziEsmé said...

Thanks for the links! I'm looking for ideas for our new schoolhouse that is going up right now...

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

artsy_momma said...

I tagged you in the Happy Award :)

Karen said...

Gigi?????.... donde estas????? Espero todo este super.... Te deje un dulce premio en mi blog, Disfrutalo!! ..... miss you!!

Un abrazo,