Sunday, January 3, 2010

Speaking Spanish to the Dog!

A little short post about something funny that happened this weekend!

We have been dog sitting my brothers dog. My brother speaks Spanish to his dog so we have been speaking Spanish to the dog also. It is funny because the kids have been speaking Spanish to the dog!! So funny... "Bepo, siéntate" "Andalé Bepo" "Bepo, ven aca!!" I can't believe it took a dog to get my kids to speak Spanish!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea...and fun, too! We are learning sign language, and I might try it and see if signing to the dogs will help us learn more, too :)


Karen said...

Esa es buena!!lol; Hola amiguita Feliz 2010, muchas bendiciones!! Te deje un award en mi blog...Por favor recibelo!!

Fuerte abrazo!!

Adriana said...

Hey whatever works! So funny! You should get the kids a dog. :)

Elena said...

Wow, what an idea! I have two cats and I am going to suggest my daughter to start talking with them in Spanish...ciao from elena