Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lower Elementary (6-9) Scope and Sequence

I teach the following to this age group:
Role-Play Greetings
Days of the week
Months of the year
Numbers 1-100
Alphabet and Pronunciation
Additional Classroom Objects
Color names
Additional Animal Names
Additional Body Parts
Additional Clothing
Additional Foods
Additional Household items
Additional Family members
Tell what they are going to do
Reading and Writing
Express how they feel/likes/dislikes
Different Modes of Transportation

I see this age group twice a week for 30 minutes. We begin with a song, an activity, story, or game to introduce or practice the vocabulary and good-bye song. This year I am adding the calendar/weather as a daily activity. I love the calendar because we get to work on the months, days, numbers, weather, seasons, and words like yesterday, today and tomorrow. We can easily have a conversation in Spanish with this activity that is everyone's favorite.

When the year begins, September, I will make sure to take photographs of the classroom activities, shelf work, games, and anything that works!

The students have two shelves with Spanish work which includes 3 part cards, worksheets they look at and describe in Spanish about the weather, color, etc.. This year the students will have Spanish software.


Lisa said...

I'm revamping our Primary Spanish curriculum and building an Elemantary Spanish Curriculum. Do you have a recommendation concerning the purchasing of materials? Did you build your curriculum yourself or use any other guides?

Thanks for the feedback.

Gigi said...

Hello Lisa,
I follow the "Viva El Espanol" system A sequence for 1st - 6th grade but I make up how I will teach the content.
I really like the scope and sequence of Viva el espanol and the workbooks for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

Lisa said...

Thanks. Do you adjust the curriculum to make it age appropriate for 3-6? I'm having trouble finding Montessori Spanish materials. I know I've seen them and can't seem to find the company, any suggestions?
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Gigi said...

If you read my post about the Primary Groups, the thing you will notice is that the only thing I do with Primary is 1)songs 2)small books 3)calendar. That is all I do with them personally. There is work on the shelf for the students (3 part cards that we made, the language master I had a post on and some activities to go with the 3 part cards).

For this age group songs and small books works very well. If I want to work on the colors, numbers, clothing, parts of the body....I find songs and books to work on these.

How often will you see your Primary Students for Spanish?